Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Brand Equity Visualisation

Brand Equity by Motameni & Shahroki et al

I thought this was an excellant diagram showing the interrelationships among
leading brand equity models of interbrand, aaker & simon and sullivan used to evaluate a brands ability to create value.

see here for defintions: Michael Porters Value Chain linked to Brand Equity Model Measures by vtm - at the bottom also.

quick summary, interbrand are used by the worlds leading brands to asses the
global monetary value of their brand to help them i their decision to buy sell
their brands. Diageo used interbrand to measure the value of PIllsbury brand
before selling, and others i havent researched.

long story short, my research in my studies relating to Design in Business led
me to Brand Equity and its measures and this wonderful diagram showed how
Interbrand, worlds leading brand valuer, didnt utilise this 'Brand Association'
attribute that other models do that arent as bigger global business.

This attribute measured 'success at creating a value image' that much
advertising is trying to do as they try to make you attach 'values', i.e.
wealth, cheapest, efficient, elegance etc to their Logo's/Brands.

I added, back in 2005, further boxes branching off from 'Brand Association' that
ought to be measured by Interbrand such as, the competency of the advertising
agency who are trying to create this value image. AMV BBDO are damn good and
experienced and multi award winning at achieving values for brands.

Directors, the same, Frank Budgen has won many ad awards at creating value
through a brand image.

well my studies

4 years later they will have probably already integrated this into their
measures of brand value when rankking coca cola, macdonalds & microsoft
(they were top when i was researching).

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the article i found the original diagram from was available on Emerald full
text. Athens authentication required.


Michael Porters Value Chain linked to Brand Equity Model Measures by vtm
Michael Porters Value Chain linked to Brand Equity Model Measures by vtm

also check out for further attribute measure (boxes) definitions: http://visualthinkmap.ning.com/photo/michael-porters-value-chain

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