Saturday, 9 May 2009

Creating a Sun

Creating a sun the hard way.
Originally uploaded by flight404
Some very interesting processing work by Robert Hodgin. Here he describes his sphere attempts.

'I have always been and will continue to be impressed with the simple sphere. Such a basic shape, so easy to visualize but so complex to code. Early in my Processing experience, I decided I wanted to learn what translate, push and pop were capable of. I had no previous experience with these methods borrowed from OpenGL but I soon realized it was a necessary stepping stone to better understanding how to experiment with objects in 3D space. I stumbled upon a pseudo-code explanation which used the idea of a solar system to help explain these methods. Start from the sun, push a new matrix onto the stack and translate out to place Mercury. Pop back to the sun and push and translate out to Venus, etc.

A few years later, I have come to understand some of the intricacies of working with spheres and my love for additive blending is in full bloom. '



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