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CS 171 Visualization 2008

I was shared this link on Del.ici.ous sorry cant remember by whom. It is the Havard school of engineering and applied sciences course, very inetersting.

Topics: (subject to change)
Data and Image Models
Visual Perception & Cognitive Principles
Color Encoding
Visualization Software Design
Designing 2D Graphs
Maps & Google Earth
Higher-dimensional Data
Unstructured Text and Document Collections
Trees and Networks
Scientific Visualization
Medical Visualization
Scientific Photography
Interaction Techniques
Social Visualization
Visualization & The Arts

Well I liked perusing the students visualisation projects below:

Abraham Passaglia
Baseball Player Value Indicators

Alex Chou
Visualization of Piano Music

Andrew Granoff
Hasty Pudding Ticket Sales Visualizer

Wen Huang Wang
Visualization of US Metropolitan House Market

Andrei Munteanu, Anjuli Kannan
Visualizing Synonym Chains

Bill Wright
2D Color Load Meter for Visualizing Annual HVAC Loads

Brett Thomas, Clara Blattler
Energy Success Rate: Re-evaluating Energy Efficiency

Wendy Bossons, Melanie Howell, and Tawa Taylor
Hurricane Katrina After Effects

Cindy Cheng
Visualizing Vocabulary

Daniel Carroll, Tyler Bosmeny
Visualizing Trends in Search Data Subsets

Daniel J. Hilferty
Visualizing the National Budget

Daniel Suo
Emily Dickinson Revisited

David Kosslyn, Rajaraman Sundaram

David Reshef
Vibrio Cholera Computational and Graphical Database

David Ng
NBA Player and Team Performance Trends

Derek Horton
HyperVisualizer: Visualizing Virtual Machines

Diana MacLean
Crime and Perceptions of Crime in Boston

Katie Fifer, Doug Lloyd
Visualizing the US's Subprime Mortgage Crisis and its Effects on the Economy

Douglas Alan
An Interactive Tool for Exploring Dendrogram Representations of Spectral Line Data Cubes

Eric Gieseke
Where and what are the current hazardous threats?

Gregory Gimler, Trung Tran
Natural Disasters Around The World

Peter V. Henstock
Understanding the Sequence of Learning Japanese Kanji

J.R. Hass
Visualizing Related Images Using The Image Gist Algorithm

Jesse Fish
A Visual Analysis of Movies, Actors and Actresses Using IMDB

Jesse Rader, Samir Paul
Harvard by the Numbers

Jonathan Tsao
Wikivisia: A Graph Visualization of Articles in Wikipedia

Jue Wang, Giancarlo Garcia
Where's the Music? (Concert Locations Visualization)

Karen Feng
LinkTracr: tracing links through the blogosphere

Katie Grosteffon
Nursing Home Care

Elizabeth Lemon
Book sharing patterns among users of

Nick Chammas, Mark Garro
Visualizing a Machine's Thought-Process (Game Analysis with a Min-Max/Alpha-Beta Search Engine)

Mark Yetter
South Korea's Age Income Landscape in a World of Change

Matthew Huchu, Lilli Gilligan
Thermal Engineering plc: Departmental Performance Noticeboard

Hao-Yuh Su
Music Trend Visualization

Penelope Cuevas
Healthcare Costs

Qing Gao
Mining Audioscrobbler

Roanna Ruiz
Visualizing the Normal and Post-Stroke Brain

Savita Sahgal
Visualizing SUV attributes to make a better buying decision

Silpa Kovvali, Teddy Sherrill
Economics and Performance in the National Basketball Association

Steven Vasilakos
Effective Dashboard Design

Tara Murphy-Volz
State Relocation Assistant

Thomas Carriero, Jie Tang
Visualizing My Inbox

Thomas Wionzek
50 Years of the Dollar: Currency Strength Animated Timeline

Tina Tang
Visualizing Academic Networks

Timothy Knell
Visualizing Sarah Jane Studios

Victor Lan
Top news stories for the day?

William Cheng
Visualization of Extrasolar Planetary Systems

shame some links dont work.

well ofund here, with the course details as well.

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Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by the Visualizing Synonym Chains by Andrei Munteanu & Anjuli Kannan. Indeed, I find myself hungry for a tool that can bridge two words through an elegant network of synonyms. Or if possible try the applet out, though doesn't seem to be running.

I'm an information architect, and the use of taxonometric tools are valuable.